Induction Lesson

30 minute Private Lesson £20.

Your first lesson with us is a friendly session allowing you to get the feel of Nine Acres, the horses and your coach.  Most of our induction lessons take place on the lunge, whatever the ability of the rider, and work to ensure a good understanding of the fundamentals is in place, allowing  riders to progress correctly.  Riders frequently arrive explaining they are struggling with sitting trot, a good canter transition, or simply feel they have stopped progressing. For those new to riding, your induction lesson will follow the pattern of our Starter lessons.
We work to establish the root of any problem areas, and then build on solid foundations to ensure you progress into a balanced, understanding rider who can get a good tune from a  range of horses.
Once you’ve completed your induction lesson, subject to yourself and your instructor feeling you will benefit from tuition at Nine Acres you are welcome to book your first Starter Lesson (for those new to riding) or a private lesson (for those with previous experience). Book your next lesson on completing your induction and receive a £5 discount voucher.